Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Drive - New Jersey

The brilliant transformation of New Jersey's lush green summer landscape to the vibrant hues of copper, orange and deep crimson happens each fall as the state begins the transition into winter. I took a long drive to Delaware River Gap which is border to Pennslavania and New Jersey. I strongly feel that Fall is much more than just change of colors. It was an oppurtunity to tour NJ to see/watch/feel all of its many wonders.

My first stop was at the Rest Area at the border of NJ and PA


Mount Tammany can be viewed from the other side. During this summer I hiked mountain and took the breath taking view Here of Route 80 and Delaware river winding it’s way
After few clicks, I started driving on Route 606 which runs all along Delaware river for breath taking views. This road is almost 20 miles single road and on both sides of the road, the leaves on trees are turning into different colors of Red/Gold and Green.
I stopped and walked down to the river
People are kayaking in the river fortunately it is still a warm day.
Heading back home I stopped at the scenic overview which was again breath taking.






binzy said...

Beautiful pics. Here in Ontario, it's beautiful colourful maple trees everywhere.

Kiran Acharya said...

Amazing clicks....

Mridula said...

The third one from below is such a stunning click!

Roger Owen Green said...

I'cve actually been on that NJ/PA border, albeit earlier in the year (August). Even nicer in autumn!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

HVM - హర్ష వీక్షణం said...

Awesome colours :)

ఇందు said...

U r absolutely right! They are breath taking views! :) and amazing clciks by u :)