Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tiny Flowers


kiran said...


విజయ క్రాంతి said...

Can you please suggest me a book or site where i can learn the photography ... i have Nickon d3100 .. and i love it.

మంచు said...

రాజేష్: ఇప్పుడే జీవని బ్లాగ్ లొ చూసాను. మీకు అభినందనలు.

Rajesh said...

Thanks @ Kiran, Vijay Kranth.

@Manchu garu - Thanks...Edo chethanaina sahayam cheyyali anipinchidi. Please appreciate Prasad garu and co for excellent work they are rendering to these innocent angels.

@ Vijay - Nikon D3100 is an awesome camera. I had like to start with Camera Manual itself.Please read it thoroughly and try all the settings. My sincere suggestion to all Photography lovers is to get out of "Auto" mode of digital camera and try experimenting with Manual/AV/Shutte Priority mode. Initially, you may find little complicated with these settings but after few trial and errors I guarantee you will be taking very good shots. Here are few suggestions:

1. Join the local Photographer's club in your city.
2. Join and participate in Online weekely Photo contests - this really helps. Just imagine, one topic and bunch of ppl shooting same subject and you will realize your mistakes and it helps you to overcome next time. I tried here starting weekely photo contest - unfortunately did not get much of response .
3. There are many video tutorials available in YouTube for any camera make and model and also important subjects like composing/DOF/Rule of Thirds - Watch them.

4. Most important - Keep shooting everyday till you get control over camera settings. Once you master it, there is no tomorrow.

Here are few websites which are good source of knowledge.

These are just few on top of my head for now. Please feel free to email me with any questions or doubts and I will definately try to answer them -